Missions We Support


New Life Christian Church is involved in the Zest mission, which operates in the Vinakondu
region of India. It provides education and food ministry to children, and also supports
evangelist and church planters in the surrounding districts. New Life holds regular collections
each year to support Zest. For further information please contact Babu Kotha (Ph. 8678-8846)
Ewald Klinkenberg (Ph.9831-2817).

Rivers of Life

New Life Christian Church also supports the Rivers of Life Mission in Kisumu, Kenya, which
runs a school providing education for poor children & food relief for their families, as well as
bringing the message of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. For more information contact
Glenn & Bec Dillon (Ph. Glenn 0407104685 or Bec 0421032196).

COBIS - Churches of Blacktown in Schools

COBIS is a mission to schools in Blacktown. It has a number of workers serving a number of
schools in the area. New Life Christian Church employs Bernie Coleman as the Cobis Worker to
Mitchell High School. Bernie runs a breakfast club, lunchtime groups and quarterly Scripture
seminars to encourage the students to consider the claims of Christ. For more information
contact Bernie Coleman (Ph. 0401836906).
The SRE syllabus can be found here.

Denominational Ministries


Gospel is a denominational committee that supports church planting in and around Gujerat, in

They provide training of church planters, Bible sand materials for and funding for the
church planting effort. New Life Christian Church supports this work through a Collection. For
more information contact Brian Vaatstra (Ph. 9920-4579).

Solomon Islands

Our denomination supports a mission to the Solomon Islands which provides support and
training to pastors of local churches, as well as practical aid through construction and relief
projects (i.e. schools, hospitals, disability services). For more information contact Brian
Vaatstra (Ph. 9920-4579).

World Development and Relief

WD&R is a denominational committee that administers offerings from our churches to
provide for the physical needs of those in distress through poverty and disaster. New Life
Christian Church holds regular collections and at times special appeals to collect funds for
distribution by WD&R. More information contact Brian Vaatstra (9920-4579).

CBI - Crossroad Bible Institute

CBI equips the church to disciple people in prison with the Word of God, free of charge,
wherever they are incarcerated.It is a personal, in-depth and long-term program that is
uniquely designed to help incarcerated persons to grow dramatically in a
life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ, preparing them for and assisting them in
successful re-entry upon release.In Australia alone there are over 30,000 incarcerated.
In time 85% of these prisoners will be released. Scientific research indicates a
significant reduction in re-offending rates for those who receive Bible instruction during their time of incarceration.
More information contact CBI Director Anne Bruinsma (8814-8173).

Ministry Formation

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