Life Groups

What is a Life Group?

A disciple-making team in which every person is:

  • Growing in their knowledge & devotion to Christ through the Word and prayer
  • Learning to win and build disciples for Christ together

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to grow as a follower of Jesus, young or old, visitor or long-term attender.

How do they work?

Life Groups will meet weekly or fortnightly for the purpose of:

  • Engaging with the Word and fervent prayer (this is what God uses to bring about radical change in our lives)
  • Caring pastorally for and encouraging spiritual growth in every member of the group
  • Working as a team to reach new people for Christ
  • Learning how to welcome newcomers to church and the group
  • Training and encouraging each other to be involved in the ministries of New Life

When do groups meet?

At a time convenient to each group. It could be on Sundays or during the week and will last for about 90 minutes. We hope people will stick to one group and really get to know the people in it over time. Groups will be led by leaders who have been trained and will continue to meet for training.

What is the format of the meeting?

Every group opens with fellowship over coffee/tea/drinks and sweets/cakes/nibbles. This will be followed by a time of Bible Study, followed by a discussion on disciple-making, and finally a time of prayer.

Our Life Groups

Friday Night Life Group

Brian and Ingrid Vaatstra

Meets Friday fortnight at 6:30pm at the church

Euroka Homes Life Group

Brian Vaatstra

Meets Wednesday fortnight at 9:30am at Euroka Homes

Dillon Life Group

Glenn and Rebecca Dillon

Meets Sunday fortnight after church

Eschler Life Group

Tony Eschler

Meets Tuesday fortnight at 7:30pm

Spits Gohari Life Group

Jason and Kim Spits and John Gohari

Meets Monday fortnight at 7:30pm at the Spits

Kruss Life Group

John and Marie Kruss

Meets Sunday fortnight at 12pm

Coleman Life Group

Bernie Coleman

Meets Sunday fortnight at 12pm

Kotha Vanderpol Life Group

Babu Kotha and Hank Vanderpol

Meets Sunday fortnight at 11:00am at the church

Samaranayake Pillay Life Group

Mahen Samaranayake and Ray Pillay

Meets Sunday fortnight at 11:00am at the church

Vander Noord Life Group

Troy & Tania Vander Noord & John Johansen

Meets Wednesday fortnight at 6:30pm