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Minister: Brian Vaatstra
Brian Vaatstra was appointed as the pastor of New Life Christian Church in April 2012. He is
married to Ingrid and together they have three married children and five grand-children. He
has worked in computing and management, and studied at the Reformed Theological College
prior to being called to the ministry with the Christian Reformed Church of Kingston. He
served there for 14 years prior to joining the work at New Life Christian Church.
Phone: (02) 9920-4579

Administrator: Kalista Klomp
Phone: (02) 9676-7901
Office hours:
     Mondays: 8am - 10am
     Thursdays & Fridays: 8:30am - 12:30pm

Youth Workers: Bec and Glenn Dillon
Glenn and Bec Dillon were appointed as youth workers of New Life Christian Church in July
2012. They are married with three children. They have been involved together with youth
both in the church setting and on the streets for over 20 years. Glenn has worked as a youth
worker within the juvenile detention system and Bec is trained as a high school PE teacher
and has been teaching at Tyndale Christian School for 10 years. Together they also do work in
Kenya, supporting orphans and widows and preaching the gospel.
Phone: 0403 872 900

Ministry Worker in Local Schools: Bernadette Coleman
Bernadette (Bernie) Coleman was appointed schools worker in Mitchell High School for New
Life Christian Church in 2007. She is married to Dale and together they have 2 children Kate
(born 2009) and Elijah (born 2012). Bernie was also the part time youth worker for New Life
Christian Church from 2007 till 2012. Bernie studied at the Presbyterian Theological Centre in
Burwood before being appointed youth worker and schools worker for New Life Christian
Phone: 0401 836 906

The Elders
The elders at new Life Christian Church, including the pastor, oversee the church community.
They are men of prayer whose primary function is to pastor God’s people in the Word of God.
The elders generally serve for a three-year term. The following are the current elders at New
Life Christian Church:
Hank Vanderpol (02) 9920-1735
Henk van Bentum (02) 9614-5037
John Johansen (02) 9626-3793
Mahen Samaranayake
Edward Alury (02) 9837-4942
Jack de Vries (02) 9674-4206
Tony Eschler (02) 9626-0203
Dirk Rotgans (02) 9622-2621
John Kruss (clerk of church council) (02) 9831-4943